Today’s guest is Barb Bruno who is going to discuss her journey to start her own business and her experience creating classes for LinkedIn.

Barbara Bruno is internationally recognized as a top staffing, recruiting, sales, and talent acquisition expert. She has created 15 courses for LinkedIn Learning approved for Enterprise Corporate client continuing education curriculum.  Barb’s newest book “High-Tech, High-Touch Recruiting” was released in September 2020, by Kogan Publishing.  She writes the widely read No BS Newsletter and has been featured in CEO World Magazine, Execunet, Great Leadership, Strategy-Driven and other major publications. Barb has developed online training for the Recruiting Profession and created a Career Portal to help job seekers find employment.  She was inducted into the NAPS Hall of Fame, has received numerous awards, and held many leadership roles including Chairman of the Board of the National Association of Personnel Services.  Currently, she serves on the Advisory Board of the Women’s Business Collaborative and serves as Co-Chair of the Workstream for the Staffing and Recruiting Profession. Visit Barb’s website here.

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